Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jazz game

Monday night we ventured down to SLC with the little one for his first Jazz game. Steve's parents took all 13 of us to the game as a Christmas gift. We had some pretty....great seats? Not really, we were 2 rows from the very top of the place. Talk about a hike! And my poor bum was sore to begin with from playin the Wii (pretty pathetic confession huh!). We had a lot of fun...and I think that Wrig's enjoyed himself too. He sat there staring at the game with a blank expression and there were some REALLY ANNOYING boys behind us that he kept staring at too. It was kinda funny. All the excitement wore him out and he fell asleep in the 4th quarter. I don't know how he did it because it was LOUD at the game. Oh to be a baby! :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wrigley's 1st Christmas!

Christmas came and went so fast this year. But luckily this Christmas was the first of many more to come where the joy of a child made the season so much better...more exciting and with more anticipation. Wrigley's 1st Christmas was a memorable one, what with all the snow and all his cousins gathered around, there were lots of memories made this year.

We woke up to a very {WhItE cHrIsTmAs} and had to hurry and get ready to be over at Steve's parent's house by 9...not that we weren't up at 6:30 with a very excited little baby. He must have known it was Christmas morning because he usually doesn't wake up til closer to 8! We were just to lazy to get moving. We finally braved the white world outside and made it to Grandma and Grandpa's house to have breakfast and presents.

Steve was very excited about his Wii that he got and I was just having too much fun watching Serena open all of her gifts. We broke out the Wii and played Mario Kart for a while and then it was time to go to home to have Christmas with my family...unfortunately because of the weather we had to wait for few more hours for Brooke & Jordan to make it safely back from Vernal. Once the got home we had a big Christmas feast and opened our gifts! My Mom and I must have been on the same mind frame for gifts this year. I bought Wrig's one of those ring stacker toys and my Mom got one for Wyatt. I bought my Mom Pente, and my Mom bought one for her siblings and one for each of us! I bought Wrig's a scooter bike thing...and so did my Mom. We had a good chuckle about how connected we were this year.

All in all it was a wonderful day spent with family and friends. It was very special to have a little boy to spoil and for him to be really excited about his toys. He has so many new fun ones and he really does like playing them all...he also really likes watching us play the Wii. Funny little guy!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

{Yummy Truffles}

Today I was in the holiday spirit...being so close to the big day, and so I decided to make some truffles. I found this really great recipe and so I tried it. They turned out SO good! I was really proud of myself...especially since the last few times I've tried new recipes they haven't turned out so well.

The recipe is super easy.

{Simply Seasonal Truffles}

2 1/2 pkg {20 squared} Baker's semi-sweet chocolate, divided

(or 3 Tbsp. semi-sweet choc chips for every 1 oz.)

1 pkg {8 oz} cream cheese, softened

Melt 8 0z chocolate. Beat cream cheese with mixer until creamy; stir in melted chocolate. Refrigerate until firm (about 1 hour).

Shape into 36 balls. Place on wax paper-covered tray.

Melt remaining chocolate. Use fork to dip truffles; return to tray. Decorate, then refrigerate 1 hour.

Decorations: Top with finely chopped nuts, or sprinkles. Or, coat truffles with powdered sugar or unsweetened cocoa powder instead of dipping in chocolate.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hoyt Holiday Party!

Yesterday we had our annual {HOYT FAMILY HOLIDAY PARTY} We have so much fun getting together at this special time of year to celebrate our Saviors birth and to catch up with loved ones. Since our last party there have been 4 additions to the Hoyt posterity. Wrigley, Drew, Wyatt & Hoyt. Yup all boys, 3 of the 4 were present.

We gathered all 32 Hoyt's (living close...and that could come) to the Sansom's home and had a mexican feast. The children put on their Christmas talents, and then the adults went at it with a battle of who knows the most Christmas songs...there were some ify songs in there, but the effort was appreciated.

Then men all gathered around the {BIG} screen to cheer on the bad they were sorly disapointed! While the ladies congregated upstairs helping the kids decorate cookies and visiting. It is such a blessing to have so much of our family so close that we can all get together and remember Christmases past, the snowball fights, sleigh rides, and full moons! :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The napless wonder!

So I don't know what is going on with my little one these days but for the last week it has been near impossible to get him to take a nap...I was thinking that it was because he was teething but that's not it (or at least I don't think so anymore). But seriously if I'm not holding him the whole time he won't sleep, and even then it's just for like 30 minutes at the most. I'm going crazy because he usually takes two 2-2 1/2 hour naps a day! And all I have to do is put him in his crib with his blanket and bear and he's out in a flash...but now I feel like I can't get anything done!

If you have any tricks to help PLEASE let me know!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa & Snow!

Saturday we had our ward Christmas party "Breakfast in Bethlehem." We decided that we would go and it ended up being a big deal and lots of fun! Not only did we have Wrigley, but we also had Taryn and Wyatt for a while. I got a taste of what it's like to have 3 babies all really close in age. It was fun...for a while anyway.

Santa made a surprise visit to our party and I got in line with Wrigley in one arm and Taryn in the other. Let me just tell you that Wrig's is officially heavier than Taryn is. After about 10 minutes my arms were dying! I was feeling the burn of holding two 20 pounders!

When we finally got to the front of the line we decided that Wrigley should go first, and so he had his first Santa "experience", he was such a trooper...he just sat there and looked up at him like "OK what now?" But Taryn....

When we were getting ready to leave the Church we were assaulted by a total white out. Well we've never taken Wrigley out in the snow yet so we decided that now was a good time for the debut! We got mixed reviews...he liked it, unless it got on his face! I know how you feel buddy!

All in all Saturday was a fun day of firsts!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

{aLl I WaNt FoR cHrIsTmAs!}

I saw this on Rachel's blog and I just had to do looked like too much fun! The idea is to make a list of 12 things that you would love to get for Christmas, but know that there is no way that you will ever get them....Here I go!

1. {A nEw HoUsE} Not that I don't love living basically rent free, but there is something to be said about having your very own place to do with exactly as you wish!

2. {A sUpEr MoDel'S bOdY} With excess baby weight not coming off the way it should I think it wouldn't hurt to ask Santa for a new body!...Or maybe I should just ask for a little help (I think the Wii Fit he's bringing us will do the trick!) :)

3. {MoNeY, mOnEy, MoNeY!) Who couldn't use more of that! I know I could, with Wrigley's appetite I swear I'm spending close to $40 a month on baby food! Not to mention how much diapers cost...and the fact that he grows out of his clothes WAY too fast!

4. {A sAtUrN oUtLoOk} Steve and I custom built one on the online the other night with all the bells and whistles we wanted and the $30,000 car's price tag went up to almost $40,000! WOW! Luxury costs a pretty penny I guess! :)

5. {A cRaFt RoOm} This would make keeping my house SO much easier! Seriously every time I get started on a new craft it stays all spread out on the kitchen table for weeks...finished or not! It's bad, plus it'll be my own little safe haven! Craft Craft Craft!

6. {A bEtTeR rElAtIoNsHiP wItH DaD} This is a long shot, but it would at least be nice to feel like he cared about me a little bit, rather than something that he has to deal with...Here's to hoping!

7. {SmAlLeR bOoBs} Yup I said it! I know some of you girls would like to have larger boobies...but trust me they're nothing but trouble! I would kill to be a B cup! :)

8. {A nEwBoRn BaBy} Now I do want one...not necessarily for Christmas but It would be nice to have a little one around. Wrigley just grew up too quickly and with Wyatt around it's making me baby hungry already! TROUBLE!

9. {To LiVe SoMeWhErE sUnNy} I was in Arizona a few years ago over Thanksgiving and I definitely need to invest in some real estate down there...that's where the money comes in handy!

10. {A cUrE fOr DySlExIa} It would be so great if I could cure my sweet little students of their learning disability. It would help them so much with their self confidence and open up a whole new world to them. In the meantime however I'm doing all I can to help them!

11 {A hUsBaNd FoR mY mOm} I hope this one really does happen and soon! She needs a good man in her life!

12 {To LiVe A lOnG & hApPy LiFe WiTh StEvE} This one is in the bag...but I thought I'd add it anyway.

Have fun and create your own list of the 12 things you would love for Christmas!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

An early Christmas gift!

I've been saying for a while now that all I want for Christmas is to see Brooke, Jordan, and Wyatt....well Santa brought me my gift early this year. The Brady family made the long trek home from Luxembourg on Thursday. Jordan was released from his contract with his team and is searching for a new team to play with. But in the mean time they had 2 tickets home for the Holidays!
Seeing Wyatt for the first time was so great! He so darling. He reminds me so much of Brooke...and my cousin Jared and his kids. He has a lot of Hoyt in him.

Wednesday night I couldn't sleep because I was too excited, it felt like Christmas eve, and Thursday just felt like torture not having much to do other than some cleaning. Thankfully the day when by fast. Before I knew it, it was 10:15 and was time to go pick them up at the airport.Christmas wishes do come true! {THANK YOU SANTA!}