Saturday, June 28, 2008

I LOVE the 80's!

Robbie and Shawna are so cute! We went over tonight for an 80's party at their not everyone got into the spirit...STEVE!!!! But it was still fun! Especially since on our way there we stopped at the D.I. so Brooke and Jordan could get their outfits and people were looking at me like I was crazy! It was so fun though. I just have to share these pictures! Robbie looks hilarious and Jordan in those little yellow shorts with the pink polo is so Magnum P.I. minus the hairy chest!

Blast from the past

Some really good friends of ours from Oregon came into town this past week so we all got together at Robbie and Shawna's house for a little party. It was so fun to see them and so crazy that their oldest is now at BYU and little Will who was just a baby when we left is now 6! How time flies. I was so excited to see them all day, I told Steve that it was like we were going to see my cousins that we hadn't seen in a long time! How I love the Jeanfreau's!
We feel so lucky to have Lynn still with us. She gave us quite a scare earlier this summer when she was discovered unconsious in her house by Will, she had suffered a heart attack due to stress and had to be put in a comma. We are so happy that she is doing well!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tummy time!

So these are just some of my favorite pictures of the little guy from playing on his tummy. His little tounge sticking out is too cute!

What up G!
Ok so he's not on his tummy but he's sitting up by himself...well more like leaning over but still how cute is that!

What a ZOO!

Yesterday I took Wrigley to the petting zoo at Gardner Village. It was a lot of fun even though he is too young to really enjoy the animals. I got a little nervous by this Lama because it kept moving its head from side to side. I got bit by and Emu when I was young so call it paranoia if you want!

The little goats were so funny they kept coming up to the stroller trying to eat it, or pull stuff out of the diaper bag..pesky little things
What the heck do you think they feed that thing! Brooke this picture was for you! Little Miss Piggy! :)
Gruff here's your shout out!

Vacation #1-Lake Powell

We went on our first family vacation last week. We went to Lake Powell for 3 days with some of our friends that Steve works with. It was a successful little vacation after I was able to get over all my anxiety about bringing Wrig's with us...but it all worked out in the end.Playin with Daddy after our cruise around the Lake...too bad the water was way too cold for the little monster to get in!
He was so cute lounging around with almost nothing on the whole time we were there! It just made it all that much easier to blow on his cute little tummy!

All tuckered out from a hard day at play in the sun! He seems to fall right asleep when ever Dad holds him!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Little Chatter Box

Wrigley has been discovering his voice and has become quite the talker. He would babble everynow and then before, but in the last two weeks he just sits and talks to himself whenever he can. He is so cute and makes the most adorable little sounds...see for yourself!