Friday, October 10, 2008

Kenneth Cole & super cute baby expensive obsession!

Well since I've discovered the Kenneth Cole Reaction collection for baby boys at Macy's I've gone a little over spending almost $80 on 4 outfits! Yah crazy. But the best part of it is that Wrig's can't even wear them for at least 5 more months. They are all either 12 month or 18 month sizes. Along with those I've bought Wrig's all set for next summer. There have just been so many great sales, and it's hard to resist buying all the super cute baby boy clothes. Poor Steve would kill me if he knew what I was doing! Lucky for me he only looks at our blog when I make him!

This one is my absolute favorite! This will be a church outfit for him, or when we go to my friends wedding down in California in March. Wrigley will be SO cute in this! I can't wait for it to fit!

This outfit will be perfect for running around San Diego next summer, on the boardwalk or at Sea World! I can't wait!

These two are super cute too! What can I say...Kenneth Cole has got cute stuff for little boys!

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Joel and Carrie said...

He'll be the best dressed kid in town! Let's have another girl's night soon, once it starts to snow, I won't be leaving the house! :)

shanda said...

I want some cute close. That is no fare. I love them all

Virginia Janet said...

Great find.!! Those outfits are really very cute. I will certainly visit Macy's to check out Kenneth Cole Reaction collection.