Thursday, October 30, 2008

Grandpa Jeff

My Dad came into town this weekend to take care of some business and to meet up with us kids, and {ThE gRaNdKiDs!}
Rob & I met up with him this morning at Mimi's Cafe for an early breakfast {YUMMY!}

It was so great seeing him since the last time that I saw him Wrigley was only about 2 months old...& 6 months later he sure has changed a lot. My Dad just couldn't believe how much he's grown and become more aware of things. So I gave him an update of Wrigley, and just how much he's grown.

*1 tooth, and another on its way

*crawling like a little speedster

*stair climber extraordinaire

*big time talker

*milk signer

*big booger maker

*let me feed myself

*long reach...nothings safe anymore

Just to name a few things that he's accomplished in the last 6 months. And we are pretty sure that the little man will be walking by Christmas, if he's not then it'll be a huge surprise.
Wrigley and his grandpa...every once in a while I look at Wrig's and I see a little bit of my Dad. Mostly its in his chin, and I just see it every once in a while. Taryn was a big shock to my Dad too, she is such a clone of Shawna but is starting to look more and more like Robbie everyday though.

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Rachel and Dan Schmalz said...

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shanda said...

that is the cutes pirat that I have ever seen in my life