Monday, April 21, 2008


Little Wrigley bless his heart has reflux! He's had it since he was about 3 weeks old and it really doesn't seem to bother him since we got him on some medicine. However that does not take away from the INSANE amounts of spit up we deal with on a daily basis! We are talking large quantities here! Well on a rather consistent basis he has spit up all over his sweet little face. We were taking some pictures of him the other day while he was playing on a blanket on his tummy and he spit up and got his face in it. Well when he picked his head up and looked at me (yes he really can do this fact he's been doing it since the day he was born) I just had to take a picture. It kinda looks like he is one of those "Got Milk" adds with the milk mustache. I keep joking with Steve that we have to get a good one with spit up all over his face and send it in to the "Got Milk" campaign...of course it's breast milk but whose counting right!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jiggly Puff - Wrigley...who knows!

Bailey and Cody are two of our friends kids, and they are just hilarious. We were up at our friends Cabin before Wrigley was born and I was talking to their dad about what we were going to name him, and Bailey was sitting on my lap. When I said that we decided on Wrigley she looked up at me, scrunched her nose up and shook her head. When I asked her what she thought we should name him she said..."Uhm KYLE!" which is her baby brothers name. Then her Cody said "No! Name him Jiggly Puff!" And they both started to laugh and then for the rest of the weekend up at the cabin they called him Jiggly Puff. So until Wrigley was born they would ask about Jiggly Puff. So when he was finally born we introduced Wrigley to them as Jiggly Puff....who knows maybe we really will start calling him that! I just thought that they were so cute.
Oh something else that was darling. I was talking to Bailey about the baby in my belly and she really quietly leaned over to her dad and whispered in his ear. "Is there a baby in my belly too?" She's a hoot!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A hard day

Yesterday was by far the hardest day for me since becoming a Mom. I went back to tutoring, which is a great and enjoyable job...but I started tutoring 3 new little girls. So I have more hours than I was doing before I Wrigley was born. Well going back to work of course means that I have to leave my baby and have a babysitter watch him. Thankfully I am lucky enough to have sister-in-laws who are eager and willing to watch him, but it is still a hard thing to leave him and not be with him at all times. It was only 2 hours in the morning and two more hours in the afternoon, but they were hard for me. I just miss the little guy so much. I just feel so luck that I have the luxury of working only 40 hours a month and be making the same as I was at my full time job before, because there is no way I could go back to 40 hours a week! I would go insane. I guess the bottom line is that I love being a Mom!

Friday, April 4, 2008

More of Cabo!

Here are some pictures from the whale watching tour and from the wedding. I can't even begin to explain how beautiful the whole thing was. Rachel looked absolutely breathtaking and the setting on the beach was so great. This picture is of my three gorgeous sister-in-laws (and my mother-in-law crying in the background! Priceless!)!

Cabo in January!

I just got some of these pictures so I wanted to post them. We were lucky enough to go to Cabo San Lucas for a week in January to be with Steve's sister Rachel for her amazing beach wedding. We had such a fun time. Steve went on a 5 hour ATV tour, we went whale watching, had a sunset cruise, and relaxed in the sun. I was a little disappointed that they wouldn't let me swim with the dolphins cause i was too far into my pregnancy but Steve promised that there would be a next time. These are pictures of Steve, Emily & Adrian on their ATV tour, Steve & I in front of our hotel, and at the Marina, Steve, Adrian, Emily & I at the rehearsal dinner, and Nanci, Rachel, Dan, Emily, Kristy and I before we went snorkeling. SO FUN!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Easter with the Ross's

This Easter was so much fun. We celebrated Kristy's birthday on saturday night with the family at Fat Cats. Wrigley also got to meet his Uncle Adrian, his Aunt Emily and his cousin Serena who were in town from Sacramento. Serena just loved Wrigley and gave him so much love and attention. The whole time we were eating dinner at Fat Cats she kept lifting up the blanket covering him in the car seat while he slept to blow him kisses. She always seemed to be aware of where he was and wanted to touch him and give him kisses. She even had her teddy bear (and Easter gift from Grandma Nanci) give a picture of Wrigley a kiss. It was absolutely priceless.

On Sunday we all got together for the Easter Egg hunt that Grant and Nanci put on every year for us "adults" I use the term adults loosely because the excitement turns us all into kids as we hunt for the "golden egg" with the 100$ bill in it. Adrian was the luck winner this year! After we were done literally tearing the house apart to find it we all ate and watched the basketball games on tv...well the boys did anyway, us girls were too busy playing with Serena and Wrigley.