Monday, September 7, 2009

{wRiGlEy 1St CaMpInG tRiP}

We packed up our car and headed south to Mona for a quick camping trip with some friends this Labor Day weekend. This was my 2nd experience camping and number 1 for Wrigley. I wasn't quite sure what to expect...but it went much better than expected.

We got to the site and set up our tent...only then did we realize we had the wrong poles for our tent...oh well what do ya do? We made the best of it, and we were still plenty comfortable for the night. Wrigley was such a good little boy, exploring all through our camp site and following the boys into the wilderness for potty time!
Wrigley getting an exploding fist bump from Jayson! His favorite part of the evening!
There's nothing like a clean face while your enjoying the great outdoors!

It was so much fun that I want to go again over UEA!

Steve had fun going off the rope swing that we found had 3 different levels you could swing off of. Wrigley however wasn't so excited about the cold or something, but that was the first time he ever wanted to get out of the water right after diving in!

3 people who care:

Swain Family said...

Looks like fun! We have yet to take our kids camping, we are kinda lame parents I guess. Wrigley is getting SO big and his hair is really light!

Joel and Carrie said...

How brave of you. I never went out with Tyson. Probably explains why he talks to himself. J/K!!! :)

Paris Lover said...

I can't believe how much older Wrig is looking. He's so cute! Glad you survived camping. :) Never thought I'd enjoy it as much as I do. :)